Diva Dee

Diva Dee, known by her birth name Danya Mohammed, is a popular socialite and influential figure on various social media platforms. She is married to DJ Bliss.

Similar to her spouse, Dee also runs a YouTube channel that showcases the work of talented makeup artists, her travel adventures, and glimpses into her family life.

Apart from her online presence, Dee has established herself as a thriving entrepreneur, boasting several brand endorsements from prominent names such as Bambini Fashions, Mahallati Jewellery, and Gucci.

Distinguishing herself from many cast members, Dee proudly embraces her Emirati heritage. In a 2020 Instagram post commemorating her wedding to DJ Bliss five years earlier, she revealed that she recognized merely “50 out of the 600 guests” in attendance at the extravagant event.