How Ethical Is CIDER?
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How Ethical Is CIDER?

is cider fast fashion

Our editors select highly-rated brands, which are then evaluated through our in-depth rating system. What is the ethical aspect of CIDER? This article focuses on the company’s “We Avoid” rating, that was released on August 2022 but may not accurately reflect statements the brand has since made. Our analysts who analyze ratings are always reviewing the hundreds of brands available in our directory.

CIDER is a Viral Infection However, is it for the Right Motives?

is cider fast fashion

CIDER has been taking social media platforms with a vengeance since its debut in the latter half of 2020.

some of its offerings being viewed as popular ( like this cute orange sweater) as well as it is now a household name with an impressive following of 4.1M users on Instagram.

Digitally-innovative CIDER defines itself by calling itself “a globally-minded, social-first fashion brand” that creates “clothes for a new generation”.

The brand is similar as SHEIN by listing smaller batches of products for certain events and moods every week. It also functions as a direct-from-factory market.

CIDER boasts of having the distinction of being “an innovator”, using information to produce only what they are sure will be popular this allegedly allows their costs to be kept low and decrease the stock that is not sold.

There’s an odor of greenwashing on the horizon, so we decided it was time that we looked and determined if CIDER an ethical clothing company?

What’s more important what is CIDER ethical?

What is Cider?

is cider fast fashion

Cider is a digitally native D2C (direct-to-consumer) style brand that offers a variety of fashionable, fashion-forward, and Y2K-inspired women’s clothing.

Cider’s budget-friendly collection was created to be worn with Gen Z with an eye on the future and comprises everything from dresses to bottoms, tops, accessories, swimming wear, as well as knitwear.

From cute sweaters to a dazzling mini dress — you’ll have everything you need to be super-instagrammable at Cider.

The catalog of products is influenced by the various street styles from Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, New York, and Los Angeles, and offers sizes that are inclusive up to 4XL.

Cider releases hundreds of different styles each week, but it claims to be an “smart fashion” label with an approach that is innovative.

It utilizes data to design clothes that are sure to be a hit. Cider believes this method reduces waste, making it possible for the brand to operate more sustainable (greenwashing alert! ).

Being part of the quick fashion world, Cider’s ultra-fast production, and its massive product range allows you to “shop by mood”.

You can filter by whether you’re feeling “dreamy”, “hot”, “cute,” or other and browse through their assortments.

Additionally, the majority of their merchandise is priced under $20, which is the price of runway fashions it brings to the table.

Cider’s marketing strategy is centered in leveraging social media.

Within the span of two years having been in operation, the company is able to successfully attract 4.1 million people through Instagram and is regarded as one of the leading fast fashion labels in the moment.

When Was Cider Founded?

Cider was established in the year 2020 by a group of friends, who comprise Michael Chen Wang, Fenco Lin as well as Yu Oppel.

Cider was created in order to blend the world of fashion and technology by creating stylish and affordable apparel for youth.

The company has investors of eight, comprising Andreesen Horowitz as well as Greenoak.

The company is currently 3rd in its competitors of 4606, Cider has raised a total amount of funding of $140 million.

The company also boasts the support comprising 500+ employees spread across 14 different countries.

Cider is a well-known brand all over the globe, it was able to celebrate its second birthday in the month of September, 2022.

Environmental Measures

is cider fast fashion

Cider’s most important sustainability assertion is that they generate lesser waste than traditional fashion houses because they employ a the “smart fashion” model that creates only what their customers desire. Cider claims:

“We can adjust production at a rapid pace through directly feedback from our clients (pretty amazing, isn’t it? ?!). That means that we generate lesser waste than traditional retail clothing companies. This allows us to bring fashion rapidly and efficiently, with less waste .”

 The reasoning behind this is ambiguous and contradictory. What is the amount of waste creating compared to conventional fashion firms?
Aren’t fashion firms all looking at data from customers to guide the future of their production? How can this help companies to provide fashions quicker?
Wouldn’t that result in delays in delivery if the production changes are in response to the demands?
(Also take note of how the sentence in the end is unoriginal and looks like it is written by a person that doesn’t understand what they’re trying to clarify).

Social Responsibility

Cider does not give back to the cause of its choice or take part in charitable initiatives.


Cider caries US sizes 0-24 (XS – 4XL). It’s a larger sizes than many stores, but this isn’t quite as broad as you think. The 4XL is approximately a size of 26-28 inches in the US, which is why their sizing tends to be smaller and is more like a 3XL.

Their designs don’t show the size of their range since I see only straight-sized models on their website pages. The models they have are predominantly white.
They’re better than the rest in terms in presenting a wide range of individuals on their platforms however, this is largely the result of user-generated content.
In addition, according to the reviews posted on FYPM the site, just one out of 10 users was paid for formal social interactions with Cider as well as the remaining received free clothes in exchange for “payment” (another sign that Cider does not follow the ethical code! ).

Animal Welfare

Cider has no Animal Welfare Policy, even although the vast majority the clothing they sell is animal product free since it’s mostly made of synthetic materials (which doesn’t do much for wildlife and also the environment). However, they do make use of wool in a couple of pieces.

The best model is customized to order, in which pieces are only produced if you purchase them. There’s a downside to a longer period of waiting, but it’s more likely to reduce consumption than Cider’s current process.

Cider’s latest sustainability promise is that they’ll transition to biodegradable bags that are d2w before the year 2022’s end.

“Biodegradable” is a common word used to describe green practices since everything degrades over time, even plastic.

Even though something has biodegradability, it does not mean that it can dissolve into organic matter, or disintegrate in a sensible period of time.

Is Cider Fast Fashion?

is cider fast fashion

Absolutely, Cider is a fad company.

The business is founded by producing clothing at a low cost which is in line with the latest fashions. They often mimic trends in the viral TikTok videos. Within days, they are able to offer a brand new item available for sale at a low cost to profit from the fashion.

As an example, you could buy a blouse at the price of $8, or dress that costs 12 bucks. If you go through their inventory there are many similar products.

The price of clothing at this point generally doesn’t last.

It’s impossible for the fashion industry can produce garments at this price without compromising sustainability.

In the absence of ethically-sourced materials, paying reasonable wages and employing an accredited factory with SA8000 certification (or equivalent) There’s simply no way that this model of pricing can work.

Cider is based on a system that uses low-cost components as well as affordable manufacturing facilities, and they don’t invest money to ensure that products or participants within their supply chain are sustainably produced.

Similar to brands such as the SHEIN, Romwe and YesStyle with regard to regards to sustainability- this means that there’s not a sustainability program implemented and no transparency on the process of making clothes.

What Materials Does Cider Use?

Cider makes use of materials that include:

  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Viscose

The Cider’s materials do not have GOLD Certified or carry any comparable sustainability certifications.

The virgin polyester used in the production of clothing is incredibly damaging for the planet. It is dependent on fossil fuels for its production and it isn’t biodegradable, which means it’ll remain on the earth for thousands of years once you’re done using it. Recycling polyester is an excellent alternative, but it isn’t without environmental disadvantages.

You’ve guessed it and there’s not any indication to suggest that Cider apparel is shifting to recycled polyester which is why the company continues to make huge use of 100% virgin polyester.

Is Cider Carbon Neutral?

Cider isn’t the only brand that is carbon neutral and does not claim to be carbon-neutral. There are no efforts to make themselves carbon-neutral through offsets or emission reduction.

Where are Cider Clothes Made and Does Cider Use Sweatshops?

The Cider clothing is manufactured in their partners’ factories located in China which is where the clothes can be shipped directly to customers.

The label doesn’t offer any details about the factories they work with however it isn’t clear that the factories they use have Sustainability certificates or policies for worker protection that are in place.

However, this doesn’t mean that factories aren’t reputable Brands usually make public the certifications they’ve earned. If there’s been no disclosures this could mean that there’s no certificates or regulations implemented.

Is Cider Vegan?

is cider fast fashion
is cider fast fashion

Cider isn’t a vegan product.

The firm uses animal products such as Wool, but doesn’t employ any alternatives that are sustainable in place of animal material.

There’s not much else to add here If you’re looking for a company that doesn’t use animal products Don’t buy from Cider.

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